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Dario B(iography)!

Al secolo Dario Barbera nasce a Catania nel Gennaio del ’79.

Fin da piccolo smanettava con il vecchio “mangiadischi” (dei giradischi compatti degli anni 70-80 su cui giravano i vinili a 45 giri). A 14 anni, con strumentazione semi professionale inizia già a mixare nelle prime feste private e piccoli eventi. Nell’ inverno del ’95 è già Dj nei mitici “pomeriggi giovani” in discoteca per poi andare avanti anche con le serate “night”.

Anni 2000:

Nel 2000 si avvicina anche al mondo della radio e contestualmente arriva il primo incarico come tecnico presso una delle radio rock più rinomate a Catania (Radio Delfino). Nel Giugno dello stesso anno inizia la collaborazione con una delle radio più cool nel panorama radiofonico siciliano (Radio Smile), con l’incarico di tecnico/regista. Dopo 2 anni “concepirà” il programma R’n’B più ascoltato nella Sicilia orientale (dati certificati audiradio) “Loud & Energie”; un successo tale da vincere il premio “radio awards 2002”!!! .

Dj Dario B, known first as Dario Barbera, was born in Catania in January of ’79. Since he was a child he played with the old “record player” (compact turntable of 70-80 years on which turned the vinyl 45 rpm). At 14 years he begins to mix in private parties and events, with semi-professional equipment. In ‘winter of ’95 he already worked in the legendary “afternoons young” in the club and then continue progressively with “night” events.

In 2000, he approaches to the world of radio as a technician at one of the most popular and important rock radio in Catania (Radio Delfino). In June of the same year he began to work with one of the coolest radio in Sicily (radio Smile), with responsibility for engineer and director of several radio programs. Two years after he has created the most listened R’n’B program in eastern Sicily “Loud & Energy” (certified data by Audiradio); a big success that allowed him to win the “Radio Awards 2002” prize!
In 2005 he also won an important competition organized by Radio Deejay and conducted from “Dj Molella” as the best remix (Aaliyah – Try Again).

In 2007 he founded the label “Made in Italy DMI Deejay” with the aim of creating an organization context of technicians, directors, and of course DJ who is able to ensure the highest quality in design and production of musical events. He still works in Radio Smile every Saturday and Sunday at 14 with the famous program “The Grind”, the evolution of “Loud & energy”. He has also played in regional, national and international stage in some important clubs (eg. Prague 2005).
He manages with great ease to mix seemingly incompatible genres such as’ “R’n’B” and the music club/deep house, even though they are united by elegance and groove, but he doesn’t forget his “commercial roots”.

Almost ten years after DMI Deejay Made in Italy, he founded the animation agency DMI Golden Events, which immediately promises and obtains excellent results in the djing and animation sector, thanks to the choice of highly qualified personnel.

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